TUESDAY -Consultation and Counseling
WEDNESDAY - Bible Study
THURSDAY - Pastoral School Class
FRIDAY - Prayer Meeting
SATURDAY - Pastoral School Meeting
SUNDAY - Praying warrior Prayer: 10AM-10.45AM
Sunday School Class: 11AM-12PM
Full Service:12PM-2.30PM
Church Workers Meeting:3.30PM-4.30PM

The Church Inception

Christ followers Ministry was established by pastor David Eguagie in the June,2005 at Mazollah,Ferdaouse-Casablanca; a great city in Morocco.The ministry started as a prayer center for black Africans living in Morocco. The first meeting was carried out in an apartment building rented by one brother Gbenga Awe in August, 2006.Later that same year he decided to look for a better place as congregation grew bigger for the service of God.
Associate Ministers
In the process of time, in February, 2005, David Eguagie became the founder, for he was then the head pastor in Morocco with other supporting ministers and pastors.Some famous name among them were pastor Eric,prophet Liberty Aigbe and Tony - who later left the ministry for West Africa. During this time he handed over his ministry position to pastor Eric who also was among the founding fathers. By the time evangelist Dr.Francis Nin came to Morocco the ministry was going through a radical change which he was a part of the initiation.God had revealed to him to come to the church and amend things which were of utmost concern by the time. Before then pastor Eric had managed the ministry for about ten months before he left for Europe in ugust of 2007 leaving management of the church to Tony. While the ministry was under the management of Tony the church grew strong for seven months before he too left the ministry. This almost tore the church apart. When Evangelist Dr.Francis Nin came in, as an old minister of Christ things began to be in order. That resulted to creation of many partnerships in the church and other activities which have helped the ministry in so many ways today.The congregation unanimously agree for him to become the head pastor which position was left by prophetc Liberty Aigbe at the worst stages in the history of the church.At this period the church was going through another faces of change quickly, which were noticed in changes in the choir, church leadership,workers,students, just to mention a few.The Church was later relocated to Oulfa, a place in a busy area of Casablanca.However, Prophet Liberty Aigbe managed the affair of the ministry for about eight months before he left for the United States of America.Pastor Dr. Francis Nin is at the moment the overseer of the whole church affars with strong faith in Christ Jesus our Lord.
The church at the moment seeks for sponsors from Christian bodies all over the world for its evangelical mission. There is an urgent need for materials, like the Holy bibles, electronic equipment and other ministerial gadgets.
Pastoral College History

The call for Workers Training School known as the pastoral college came into being at the later part of the church transformation. It was established on the 6th December 2008 by the Christ followers Ministry members, still then at Oulfa,Casablanca.The purpose why it was established was for it to serve as institution for the propagation of the Godspel.It later faced some missmanagement from the acclaimed leaders in Morocco who beleived in particular way of whorship. In order to oppose this idea the institution was established to admonish what Christ represent for Christian, to support the zealous work of Lord Jesus Christ.The school achieved tremendously in the little period of its establishment improving the Godspel. Atleast, we have been able to use one year of establishing the institution to bring up ministers of God according to the book of 2 Peter 2:1-10. The institution has so far succeeded in bringing to shame the works of men and women who are wolves in sheep clothing parading themselves as altar workers Jeremiah 23:1-32.You that remain, remain faithful to God and keep yourself pure as the God you serve is pure Leviticus 20:26. Therefore, the management of the aforesaid institution thereby congratulate the students and thank the church , Christ Followers Ministry, for their full support to the school. We want to thank the deacons, elders and other workers of C.F.M for their perfect role, those women and men who have contributed to the pastoral college immensely.May our great God and our Lord Jesus Christ, through the Holy spirit grant you everlasting hope and repentance.