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WEDNESDAY - Bible Study
THURSDAY - Pastoral School Class
FRIDAY - Prayer Meeting
SATURDAY - Pastoral School Meeting
SUNDAY - Praying warrior Prayer: 10AM-10.45AM
Sunday School Class: 11AM-12PM
Full Service:12PM-2.30PM
Church Workers Meeting:3.30PM-4.30PM
The Pastor's Biography

Evangelist Dr. Francis Nin was born at Aba, Abia State of Nigeria, 1950 and schooled in the same state.He repented and gave his life to Christ in 1978 at Anambra state after the Nigerian civil war. In February 13,1986 he was ordained as an evangelist of the Gospel of Christ. Later in his life, he attended community bible institute at Obalende in Lagos State, Nigeria. He was ordained by the bible institute in 1994 as a minister of the Godspel and after that, he further his career to pursue the preaching of the Godspel to the world. In the onset of his ministry, he emigrated to outside of his home country of Nigeria to zealously preach the Gospel of Christ to the world.On the course of his missionary from Lagos,Nigeria, he settled in the nations of Niger, Mali and Algeria teaching and preaching the Gospel to those who haven't heard of it.During the time Christianity was rarely heard in those countries.Due to aforementioned,he zealously established many churches of christian faith in those nations.From Algeria he came to Morocco.On arriving in Morocco, he organized the Perfect Life Square ministry and the Jesus Temple Prayer Ministry,which at present he is the overseer of those Ministries.In the year 2008-2009 he established a religion school of theology named The Pastoral Student Training School.This was to be the school as a testament to expansion of the Gospel of what God almighty in those countries.He has been doing this work of Christ through faith in the LORD in those colonies of North Africa.As many people continued to give their lives to Christ, he moved to form the Ministers Forum which hold meetings on occassions.All these works have inspired more people to come to know about the Lord Jesus Christ. Through out those perion he was persecuted and ridiculed for doing the work of the LORD yet did not give up to be faithful to Christ till now.Meanwhile,most of his students became faithful preachers the goodnews of our Lord Jesus Christ throughout North Africa and Europe. With that inspiration, people he brought up through the theological college he established became devoted to forming an institution of higher learning in those North African colonies.That led to the foundation of a college in Casablanca with a vision to further create a University for Christ which is to be known as "Gamerlel University",beleiving with all faith in Christ that such vision can be realized. The ministry propagated what came to be known as the great awakening in North Africa, teaching people to go forth and preach the Godspel in Morocco cities and all of Africa with great intent.Regardless of what criticism the church might have faced through those faithful years of doign the work of our Lord Jesus Christ.On the final note,he always say this to his member to "Seek to be faithful witness of God almighty,what He has entrusted to you do it with all zeal,and committing your life to God according to II Timothy 2:2".